Grants Awarded

First Year of Funding:

In September 2016 we were awarded a £9,625 grant from the SHINE Trustees under the London Teachers Innovation Fund.

Press Release from First Year of Funding:

Exceptional Teachers to Run Innovative Projects in London Schools Grants of up to £10,000 given to 11 teachers

The 11 winners of London Teachers Innovation Fund awards, run by education charity SHINE (Support and Help in Education), have been announced.

The competition, funded by the Mayor of London, was launched this year to offer exceptional teachers in London the chance to win £10,000 to support their educational projects. The Fund’s goal is to help teachers to create and share their innovative subject knowledge, resources, and techniques with their peers, to raise student attainment across all London schools.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, says: “As a child I was lucky to have a great education in local state schools with teachers who inspired me. Today’s teachers are the uncelebrated champions of our communities – they don’t simply coach the Curriculum, they bring together children of all abilities and backgrounds and have a lasting impact on their lives. I look forward to seeing how the winners’ innovative projects help drive forward London’s fantastic schools and help more young Londoners reach their potential”.

Paul Carbury, CEO of SHINE, says: “We were overwhelmed by the passion and expertise that our finalists express in their teaching. We look forward to working with teachers that make a real difference to children’s lives both in the classroom, and beyond.”

The full list of winners is: Adam Moorman (Fortismere School), Andrew Smith (Shaftesbury Park Primary School), Carole Kenrick (Gillespie Primary School), Charlie Andrew (Greig City Academy), Coralie Allison (St. John’s Angell Town Primary), Danny Brown (BSix Sixth Form College), Heba Al-Jayoosi (Mayflower Primary School), Jamie Frost (Tiffin School), Kathy Karydis (Broomfield School), Lucy Mathieson (Wyvil Primary School), and Rosie Osborne (Eltham Hill School).

Second Year of Funding:

In September 2017 we were awarded a £18,250 grant from the SHINE Trustees under the London Teachers Innovation Fund.

What SHINE says about the funding:

“Teachers with big ideas are one of the keys to achieving our impact. Our Teacher-led innovation competitions seek out and invest in the most promising Teachers who would otherwise lack the hours or the capital to get their ideas off the ground. Since 2012, we have invested £1.6 million in 73 Teachers across England. Following their first year of support, some Teachers are invited to apply to SHINE for further funding to scale up their projects. Some of the projects that we are currently supporting to expand their reach are detailed below.”

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